September 25, 2014

Our story about 'Peppercorns Doodle'

Hello friends! We'd like to introduce you about our exciting project called 'Peppercorns Doodle'. Before we start, let us tell you a quick review about Peppercorns from the beginning :) Here it is! 
Peppercorns is a project established in 2010 by Sigit Ramadhan and Syifa Rahmasari in Bandung. Peppercorns focuses on creating functional gadget case / bag that shows monster’s character as the main attraction. The idea is ‘monster that protects the gadget’. Each monster has a name, identity and story behind.
In the process of designing monsters’s character, we adopt the characters from Indonesian culture such as ghost story, jokes, traditional food, etc, to introduce uniqueness of Indonesian culture from unusual side. Then, we transform it to a new story in fresh and ‘silly’ taste. The story and monsters’s identity are fused with the product and emerged through advertisment's content, comic strip, and many more.
On March 2014, we started creating weekly story telling called Peppercorns Doodle on our social media to bring the monsters’s story closer to our customers. Peppercorns doodle tells daily story of the monsters inspired by what's happening around us. Besides publishing on social media, we're planning to present Peppercorns Doodle in collectible art prints that are made limited.
Here are some of Peppercorns Doodle that we've created, if you want to enjoy the complete doodles please follow us on Instagram because every week we'll post a new doodle for you (yes, we're trying hard to stick to the plan :p)

Well, thanks for reading and have a great day!! 



Met lil friend on Market Museum Summer Pop Festival last August!

OOOPS! Shaarymin was touched by the cutest lil' monster ever!

Market & Museum: Summer Pop Festival


15-17 August at Lippo Mall Kemang
Some photos from Market & Museum Summer Pop Festival last month. 
We had a great time! Thanks for coming and adopting monsters. See you on the next Market & Museum!