June 12, 2012

# Playing Pirates

#3 Playing Pirates

guest starring - Capt.Kaypat, Baby Boloho, and Mr. Bootha

One day in the afternoon, at central of the ocean. Capt. Kaypat and his sailor Baby Boloho are planning to sail to the west of monsterland ocean. Suddenly they see a giant ship with a tons of cookies. The ship is owned by a healthy wealthy merchant from middle-east of monsterland. Owner of the famous and most delicious cookies factory in monsterland. But, oh. . .it wasn't, he's Mr.Bootha they neighbor

June 7, 2012

#2 How to Treat Your Monster

#2 How to Treat Your Monster

guest starring - Teethy Kunty

Teethy Kunty is cheerful monster from Peppercorns Monsterland. She has a beautiful teeth and she always smile until her teeth dry. The nice Teethy Kunty likes yellow so much, all things colored yellow. One of her favorite thing is a Big Yellow Round Candy, she always buy it at The Theme Park when summer holiday come.

June 1, 2012

Let's Skate !

" Let's skate ! "

Friday afternoon skating at Saparua Sport Center with Panjule the Shocking Red Monster